About Byron Home

Incorporated in 1998, Byron Home was founded by Donna Willmann to assist seniors with the often daunting task of downsizing and moving. A pioneer in the senior move management industry, Donna is a founding member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Now Byron Home is a family business, with Donna’s son, Jared, who has been with the company since 2013, as president.

At Byron Home, we know that the very idea of a move is overwhelming. People simply don’t know where to begin. And with grown children often living outside the area or working full-time, family members sometimes just aren’t available to help, even though they would like to. There are countless and time-consuming tasks that are best done by those with skill and experience. That’s where we come in.

Byron Home will not only create a personalized plan that meets the needs of the senior and their family, but will also help to implement it. You can rest easy knowing that our experience and attention to detail will make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Not Just Belongings — Memories

The family home is not just a place that’s full of belongings. It’s also full of memories.

So, it’s very difficult to decide what to keep, what to give away or sell, and what everything is worth. And it’s also difficult to decide what to do about getting the house ready to sell — at the best price.

Working with Experienced Moving Professionals

That’s where Byron Home can help.  In the past 16 years we have assisted with close to 2,000 moves. And we apply our experience to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Getting Ready to Move

A move, even one that is well-planned, is complicated. Getting ready for it requires:

  • A plan with a timeline,
  • Understanding where you will move,
  • Space planning for your new place to determine what can fit,
  • Downsizing: going through closets, drawers, attics and basements, and deciding what you’ll be able to keep,
  • Often, sorting through things and considering what should be kept for family,
  • Arranging for the disposition of remaining contents,
  • Scheduling your move,
  • Careful packing,

Getting ready also requires a certain kind of stamina. You don’t want to get worn down by the “hassle” and give in to the temptation to “just get rid of it,” only to find out later that you had room for those items.

At Byron Home, we know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the emotional exhaustion of it all, the years of accumulated belongings, the sheer number of things to do. That’s why we work with you to do what needs to get done. Maybe it’s just getting things organized for a move. Maybe it’s arranging for appraisals of key items and then following through by arranging either a sale or donation. Or maybe it’s getting the house cleaned up and fixed-up, so you can really show its potential and get the best price. We’ll work with you to provide whatever level of help the family needs.

“The bottom line is that my staff and I help the way the family would, if they could.  But we do it for many clients, so they all benefit from our experience. One person told me:  ‘It’s like having a daughter help you!’ Unfortunately, many seniors don’t have daughters or sons in the area. Or, if they do, their adult children are part of the ‘sandwich generation,’ working full time and raising their own families. That’s why we’re here. Our job is to allow the family members to focus on what they need to do. We’ll handle the rest.” Donna Willmann Founder Byron Home, Inc.

Getting the Most for Your Home

Many seniors have lived in their homes for many years, and now the residences have appreciated considerably.  So when it’s time to sell, you want to, need to–and deserve to–maximize the profit from the sale.