I founded Byron Home 23 years ago. And I used to do it all. Heck, when I first started the business it was just me.

But this is not about me. It is about the amazing people who now work at Byron Home, who together, and individually, apply their hearts, energy and expertise to the arduous process of a downsizing move.

Since I no longer provide the day-to-day personal service to our customers, I’m able to look a bit more objectively at everything it takes to facilitate a successful move.  I can appreciate what each person at Byron Home does to make it all come together. And I am in awe.

Certainly we have a process—a process that has been honed and improved over the years, one that is also flexible and personalized for each situation.

But the people who implement this process are the focus of this piece—our terrific tireless team.

Each team member starts with the person they are, with their life experience, their compassion, their work ethic. They learn the skills, gain the practical on-the-job experience, and over time develop the ability to anticipate and correct a possible problem before it happens.

And they bring this valuable combination of attributes and skills to our clients — people who are downsizing and moving, a stressful time no matter your age. Our team helps them both physically & emotionally, day-in day-out, each one of them providing assistance with important components of the process.

It usually begins with a phone call to our office, met by a friendly voice. Questions are answered, concerns are calmed, and an initial home consultation is scheduled.

On the home visit, our experienced Client Services Coordinator (who has worked over a hundred moves herself) learns about each person’s situation, reviews solutions we can offer, and talks about next steps.

An important next step is the floor plan. This is developed using our clients’ exact furniture measurements as well as the specific dimensions of the new home. While I used to do them by hand (my dad was an architect) they are now created using software, shareable online so family members can see. And, once the draft layout is created, our warm, capable Space Planner reviews it with the client and adapts it additionally as needed.

And I see the team as they head out for a move in the morning. They’re cheerful. They’re catching up with one another. And I hear them when they get back end of day, sometimes after quite a long day. And they’re still cheerful. Tired, but happy.

I have been particularly struck by what a steady, positive, genuinely kind group of people have found their way to our team. Their energy, their stamina, their ability to truly listen to our customers, all while efficiently getting the job done.

They love the work and tell friends and family, some of whom also join us. And they stay. Because even though the days can be long and tiring (imagine, moving pretty much every day) they see the difference they make. And they see that someone else’s load was lighter because they brought their energy & experience to their move.

There’s a phrase I’ve heard a number of times recently. “What have I done today to make someone’s life better?” Every single day that any of the incredible people at Byron Home interacts with a client, or a prospect, or even each other, they are living those words.

I can’t close without mentioning how thankful I am that my son, Jared, has taken over as President of Byron Home.  His perspective, his energy, and, most importantly, his values all guarantee that we will continue to grow to meet our clients’ needs.

We are fortunate. As I said, the job is so rewarding, the other team members are so terrific, that our employees stay for years. I added it up—we have a total of 103 years of experience among them (and this isn’t counting my 23 years!).

It’s the people, each one individually, and all working so beautifully together, who make Byron Home the organization I am so very proud to have founded. And if you, or someone you know, would like to join us, we would love to hear from you.

Donna Willmann

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