This is the year of Byron Home’s 25th anniversary. I’m not going to say I procrastinated on writing this retrospective. I prefer to say I strategically waited until March because March is Women’s History Month.

And the history of Byron Home is primarily one of women. In 1998, we were founded by a woman (well, yes, me). My first employee was a woman, as were all subsequent employees until my son, Jared, joined the business. And women still make up the majority of our workforce. I was recently reminded of the saying “I’m with her.” And I proudly am. 

As I think back over what I am most proud of, it is three things: the thousands of people we at Byron Home have assisted over the past 25 years; the 70+ dedicated employees who have worked with us over that time; and my son, who took over a family business and made it better. 

First, our customers. In the two and a half decades we have been helping seniors downsize and move, we have had the privilege of easing the transition for well more than 6000 people. More than six thousand. I have to stop and comprehend that. We have touched many lives.

I love to read the customer testimonials on our website. Customers thank us in their heartfelt way and talk about how they couldn’t have done it without us. But we at Byron Home are also fortunate. Not everyone’s “job” enables them to make so much of a difference. I am proud to have created a service that helps others while providing our team with such fulfilling work. 

And what a team! So many who joined Byron Home stayed with us for years and years. One was with us for more than 20 years. Two for more than 10. Several for 5 or more. Hard-working, kind, upbeat, experienced people. And they brought their friends and family members on board. Why? Because the work, though physical, is so rewarding. And because we truly make a difference in our clients’ lives. 

And my son, Jared. Little did I know back in 1998 when I started this company that he would someday join the business. And then become its president. His dedication to and support of our team members and our customers, as well as his vision, leadership, and organizational abilities are the reasons Byron Home is not only still here but better than ever.

It is difficult even for me to think back to what it was like in 1998. While we schedule staff electronically now, twenty-five years ago I called an employee’s landline, often leaving a message with their child. Cell phones? Few households had them. Send an email? While some homes had computers, few had internet.

Times have certainly changed. But our standards have not. At Byron Home we still provide thoughtful, professional, personalized service. And looking forward, I know our 25 years of experience add up to our clients having an easier, faster, less stressful move.

Donna Willmann

Founder & President Emeritus, Byron Home

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