Byron Home’s 25th Anniversary

This is the year of Byron Home’s 25th anniversary. I’m not going to say I procrastinated on writing this retrospective. I prefer to say I strategically waited until March because March is Women’s History Month. And the history of Byron Home is primarily one of women. In 1998, we were ... Read More

Our Terrific Tireless Team

I founded Byron Home 23 years ago. And I used to do it all. Heck, when I first started the business it was just me. But this is not about me. It is about the amazing people who now work at Byron Home, who together, and individually, apply their hearts, ... Read More

Byron Home, 20 Years: Remembrances

Twenty years ago (that sounds like a long time, even to me) I started Byron Home. Friends said, “Gosh, you’re an entrepreneur!” And I said “Please don’t say that. “ It sounded too risky. People ask me how I even thought of a business like Byron Home. They’d say, “Wow, ... Read More