Bob Becker – Medford, NJ

“The company we hired to assist with the move works only with seniors who are downsizing and relocating.  They and their staff were just super.  Our experience with them started when the owner came to the house three weeks before the scheduled date for the move, described their services and looked at what we were thinking of taking with us.  A couple of days later, she came back bringing a CAD drawing of the new apartment complete with cut-outs of our furniture to scale.  We were able to move the furniture cut-outs around on the drawing so that we could get an idea of what would look good where, what would and would not fit in the apartment, and what new pieces we would need to acquire.  The CAD drawing was a tremendous help in getting us focused. A couple of days before the move, a list was made of everything we were planning to bring with us, including kitchen appliances and utensils, china, glassware, clothes, den stuff, etc.  The day before the move, the move coordinator from Byron Home, and two other very pleasant women came in and packed up everything.  I had packed some things as part of sorting out what needed to be trashed or sent to Goodwill, and the kids had marked all the pieces they wanted, so in some respects we were a little ahead of the game. The next morning at 8:15, the move coordinator was back.  The movers showed up at 8:30, and she supervised the loading of the truck.  The movers were done and on their way by 9:45. The move coordinator left shortly thereafter.  We went through the house checking for things that we might have overlooked, then drove over here.  By the time we got here, the movers were at work. The move coordinator had brought the CAD drawing with the final arrangement of the furniture we had decided on, and she directed the whole move-in process. About 10:30 the two other women arrived and started unpacking.  They handled everything.  They were really jolly and joked with us as they worked.  We pretty much just sat, watched and answered questions like where clothes should be hung and kitchen stuff placed.  The movers were done by 12:30 and the women were done by about 1:30. It was truly a seamless experience the movers and the folks from Byron Home really know their business, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who is thinking of making a move like ours.” – Bill

“I intended to send a note sooner, but I must say, I surely would not have survived the move had it not been for you and your remarkable team. Your Space Planner showed me how the floor plan would allow for three additional furniture items I thought I would have to abandon.  The floor plan itself was a blessing to see a realistic “fit” for all I the items I planned to bring with me. The Team Leader’s advance visit to organize for packing day was a real eye opener for me, and I appreciate her tips for my preparation and what I could do ahead of their arrival.  I’m sure my efforts missed the mark in many ways, but packing day with your team was most impressive.  Organized, non-stop, efficient — left me exhausted just watching them. Your team seems to have a hand-in-glove working relationship with the movers, whether it be dealing with the boss or the young men on moving day.  All were so polite, pleasant at all times, and careful in their work — to the very last item set in place, here on the second floor, or in a well-hidden storage area in the basement. Anticipating this move had me very worried, somewhat scared, for many months.  But talking with you and signing your agreement gave me great peace of mind that someone was in this effort with me — someone who knew what needed to be done, was well equipped and prepared to pull it off.  I thank you for all of that. I shared your business card with my realtor on the chance he might have senior customers needing your services.  I realize the move would have been one miserable, if not fatal, experience had it not been for Byron Home.  And to think that a month after my move, you would remember me with a house warming gift. OK, so I’m not so eloquent, but please understand, I am most appreciative and impressed with your work ethics, style, and care you take in your customer’s best interest and satisfaction. I wish you continued success and due reward for a job well done – Happy Customer” – Karen

“I thank you and your crew for so many things. Your staff did a fantastic job and they made a very stressful move so much easier. We could not have done it without them! The furniture was placed as I had planned; my kitchen was ready for use; my breakfronts were filled; books were on the shelves; bed was made; TVs, etc. were ready to use; on and on I can go on telling you how organized our new home was. I’m sure the staff must have consulted with me but that’s all a blur. They were such delightful people—a pleasure to have had them here. I’ve been singing the praises of your company to all who would listen. Everything arrived here in fine shape—nothing broken, scratched or chipped.” – Rita

“[After Pack Day] I want to express my appreciation and satisfaction with your wonderful Packing Team. The Team Leader and her crew were terrific. They never skipped a beat and all worked in harmony and efficiency. The Team Leader is a great leader and everyone was fun to be around.  Thanks for making this day so much easier for us. [After Move Day] Just when you think something can’t get better, it does. The Team Leader and her Angels did an outstanding job today at our new home.  They are awesome and I wish I could have been there to hug them all but we were held up and couldn’t get there in time.  Please pass along our gratitude to all of the team for their terrific work ethic.” – Carol and Roland

“Just a note to let you know that the services provided by Byron Home are wonderful. You thought of everything needed to assist people downsize, pack, unpack and move. Your staff are special.  My team leader was absolutely excellent; professional, detailed, focused, flexible …..on and on!!  The rest of the team were also excellent. WOW!!  I got to the apartment and everything was unpacked and organized.  Unbelievable! Again, thank you and your staff for a perfect move.” – Barbara

“I cannot tell you how impressed Tom and I were with Byron Homes’ services. You are all amazing!  Our Team Leader and her team managed to make order out of chaos, were efficient, upbeat and funny…all at the same time. As we were leaving the house for Applewood yesterday a neighbor rang our doorbell and said she had seen Byron’s vans outside our home and would we mind giving her some information about what Byron Homes does.  Evidently, she has been trying to get her husband to consider downsizing for awhile and he was very resistant to uprooting his life at his age and state of health. She was amazed to know there was actually a company that specialized in the problems inherent in a decision like that. Of course we have her a glowing report of our experience with Byron Home. Your good work speaks for itself.” – Pat & Tom

“You and your crew of delightful ladies outperformed our most hope filled expectations. I absolutely do not know how Helen and I would have pulled it off without all of you. You helped to make one of the most stressful situations that seniors face a very pleasant, relaxed, and fun filled experience.” – Ed & Helen

“I cannot tell you how very, very pleased I am with everything. I was just astounded at how nice the ladies are, how efficient they are, how perfectly wonderful in every way they are. The ladies just packed and unpacked so carefully and perfectly. I just want you to know how expert and how perfect it was in every way. Oh, and all your measuring worked out perfectly.” – Gail

“We just wanted to let you know what an incredible job the packers and movers did.  They worked long, hard hours and were tremendously helpful.  They carefully put away most of our stuff, and even made helpful suggestions for arranging the living room.  The movers cheerfully moved the large pieces of furniture at least 3 times until we were satisfied with how it looked.  Please thank the Team Leader for her suggestions for the living room which looks very homey and comfortable.  All together a first rate job which helped us at a stressful time.”  – Aletha and Tom

“We were very pleased with your moving services – especially with the team that worked with us. They were all quality people. The Team Leader’s skills were outstanding. She seems capable to handle any task that may appear in any job. The movers were a delightful group of men, who treated us and our belongings with great respect. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to ask us.” – Bonnie & Richard

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the services of Byron Home, for my move from Independent Living to Assisted Living at The Evergreens.  The move was the day of the big storm, so we had a few extra challenges!  My Team Leader was wonderful – the combination of efficiency, kindness, and helpfulness.  She made everything easy for me, and seemed to have an instinct about what goes where.  I cannot say enough good things about her. My gratitude for your services, Byron Home.” – Lynn

“Byron Home did an amazing job moving me into Stonebridge. I was very impressed with the care you took to not scratch the furniture and to carefully put things where I wanted and make sure I was happy with the placement of each piece. The team member who unpacked the kitchen did a remarkable job, putting things in the most logical places, which meant I didn’t have to change much at all! You can’t do better than that! So I thank you all for your professionalism.” – Carol

“Many thanks to those at Byron Home who worked tirelessly to move my belongings. They all were so efficient, patient, conscientious, knowledgeable and prepared for every situation that it made moving as pleasant as it could be.” – Glenna

“Well, here I am, happily ensconced in my new home thanks to you and your wonderful staff who did it all! Your plan was just perfect and a huge help to us all as I moved in and got settled. The key word is amazing! I kept saying it over and over the past two days as everything just rolled along. Not only was the staff efficient but so pleasant, understanding and really helpful…Thank you so much for making what could have been a stressful mess into a pleasurable experience.” – Jean

“We were delighted and pleased to have your young ladies helping us with the unpacking and organizing our belongings on Oct 2nd. They were diligent, courteous, helpful, amazing and cooperative. I could even find my way around the kitchen today. I was a bit nervous about the procedure but these gals quickly relieved me and Vic too of any reservations. We would give them a grade of 100+ !” – Mary Alice

“Thank you! What a wonderful surprise when I walked into the apartment! Wonderful! SO well done! What an eye you have for decorating and placement! I love what you did with my…everything!! Thank you so much.” – Joanne & Charles

“It was a pleasure working with you and your wonderful staff. They made the impossible, possible, and the move went far more smoothly than I had imagined. You are everything you are reputed to be and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.” – Beverly

“A note of thanks to the three wonderful women who did a remarkable job and performed a terrific service for me. After I saw the ladies packing my belongings and all of the boxes I came to the full realization I could not have accomplished such a big task. The ladies were phenomenal and I have highly recommended the ladies and the services available through Byron Home.” – Lynn

“Please thank the entire team who helped me to move. Your Team Leader especially is a treasure – professional, kind, thoughtful, efficient, well-organized, and able to roll with whatever surprises come his way. I so appreciate the efforts of everyone who rolled up their sleeves and made the transition happen!” – Carol

“Your entire crew was fantastic!!  We couldn’t be any happier with the way everything got accomplished today. So efficient, so well organized. A pleasure to work with.” – Marc

“We could not have been better served than we were by your team during our move. Courteous, friendly, and super-efficient, they got us through with flying colors!” – William & Lori

“Thank you so much for a flawless move. The Ladies who packed were wonderful as well as the movers. They were all extremely pleasant, considerate, and professional.” – Keesie

“Your team was fantastic: caring, gentle, hard working, ready to help on anything.  Please let them know how pleased I was with their help and hard work.” – Stephen

“We were very happy and pleased with your packing and moving, all went very smoothly. The staff were all very nice and I would highly recommend your company.” – Bernice

“Byron Home made life so much easier for me allowing me to settle in more readily. All your staff was so thoughtful and helpful.” – Anne

“Thanks for sending me two excellent packers today!  They helped me make short work of decluttering and packing up my kitchen.  I look forward to having them come out to my home again for future packing.” – Mimi

“Thank you so much for helping me out. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your staff was a delight to work with.” – Melinda

“The move was amazing and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you to all involved.” – Gretchen

“I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me, and the way it was done. You all are truly professionals. The only other group I can think of whose work is so efficient and done with such good humor is dwarfs! (Please do not be offended!)” – Pat

“Thank you…for the wonderful services you provide for those facing the challenges of moving. Your team was so pleasant, helpful and efficient – truly a joy to have working on my behalf, and relieving so many of the stresses of a move.” – Nancy

“Our advice is for you to use Byron Home when you move. We can’t brag enough about the great job they do.” – Anna & Bertha

“The service that you provided for my move was top notch!  The gals that assisted me when I moved in were so very helpful & pleasant & the floor plan that you made for my apartment is working just fine!” – Gail

“Our Team Leader was extraordinary and we could not have improved on any of her decisions during our difficult situation. Thank you!” – Jean & George

“We enjoyed your assistance and we liked all of your staff. They were a great help and if we have to move again, you’re hired.” – Lois

“You made our move so easy and we compliment you on the efficient help that you provided. You have a great team of people.” – Anna

“Thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did moving me. You all were organized, efficient and fun.” – Gretchen

“Thank you for all your hard work and great spirits at a very difficult time, it ‘almost’ made moving a pleasure!” – Sarita

“Thanks to you and your team for making a major component much less stressful. People make the business and you have great people.” – Adam

“We enjoyed working with you and your employees so much. You all made our move so much easier than it would have been.” – Bob & Jane

“Thank you very much for helping me to downsize and move. Everyone was careful with my possessions and seemed to know where to place them.” – Barbara

“A note to say thanks for the support of you and your staff. Great job.” – Tim & Vici

“Your staff did a great job in packing and thank you for getting us settled in our apartment.” Helen

“My sincere thanks and appreciation for the way in which my move was organized and conducted. Your staff was very efficient and more than that they were pleasant, gracious people to work with. Thank all of you for making my move easy and stress-free.” – Esther

“Thanks so much for a job well done and the enjoyable friendship that came along with it.” – Ida

“You became my friend when I needed a new one!!” – Bette

“Most of all, we appreciated your troop of ladies (wonderful ladies) and you!” – Suzanne & Steve

“It was a pleasure to meet and work with such a warm, caring and efficient staff!!” – Howard

“I have never seen things packed so beautifully and with such care – you did an outstanding job and we are most appreciative…You provide a wonderful service.” – Lois

“You and your staff did an excellent job of getting me settled here.” – Gladys

“We can’t thank you enough for your services. Your staff was just wonderful! Very professional and efficient. It was a long day for all of us, but they stayed to finish the job…I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.” – Joan

“Many thanks for a job well done.  God bless you.”  –Vicki

“Donna—your staff is wonderful. They’ve been a true blessing to my parents.”  –Mindy

“Your assistance was perfect! It made me so happy to see the room look so nice. Thanks for all you did.” –Carol

“It was a pleasure to meet and “work” with such a warm and caring and efficient staff!! Grateful thanks.” —Marcia & Howard

“Thank you…for the great job you and your staff did. In fact, they did such a nice arrangement of my bunnies, etc. that I did not have to change anything.” –Julia

“We are delighted with how everything went and worked out for us! Thank you for your encouragement. Thank the girls again for us, they were super!” –Anna

“Thanks so much Donna for all the help from you and everyone at Byron Home.” –Ellen, daughter of clients Berna & Paul

“Donna:  You’ve got a good crew of very fine ladies—nice people, good job.” –Chuck

“The entire team was terrific—skillful, efficient, professional, friendly; they transformed a potentially traumatic experience into a (reasonably) tolerable chore. I am thankful for being made aware of Byron Home.” —Richard

“You and your wonderful team was just incredible. This job could never have been accomplished without everyone…Your staff felt like family by the end of the two days.” —Ebbie

“As we passed the one year mark recently, we thought of you and the great work you did for my parents. Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism!” —Joe and Bettie

“Thank you, Donna, for your concern for my health and for all your work in making my move run smoothly.”  —Jane

“Thank you for providing the services of Byron Home, Inc….the whole experience has been a modern miracle. The Team Leader was to me “God sent.” She sorted, packed, unpacked—made beautiful creative arrangements—perfumes, [k]nick [k]nacks etc. etc.—closet arrangements—everything. Thank you for the services of the moving company—they were great. The whole venture well coordinated. Thank you for [the] innovative way of getting from there to here…[and] for being so cordial.”  —Alberta

“I want to thank you for the friendly and dedicated women who packed and got me out of the…house on schedule; I couldn’t have done it alone.”  — Sudee

“Everyone who came to help [with my transition] was both courteous and thoughtful. The ladies were mindful of my difficulties and tried to make the transition as easy as possible for me. The entire crew was neat and efficient, and the gentlemen who moved the furniture were very careful and patient. ByronHome will be my recommendation to anyone who will be moving into the area. The efficiency and painlessness of the move has definitely won the Family ‘seal of approval’.” —Florence

“Thank you again and all your staff for the very efficient and painless way in which they handled my two moves here at the Evergreens.   All your staff were most pleasant and easy to work with.  I appreciate the thoroughness with which they accomplished what could have been a very daunting task for me.” –Steve

“Thanks for all your help. As always, things went off without a hitch. I think you and your staff are one of the best kept secrets around.” —Richard

“Thank you for making the move go so smoothly.” —Carol

“Thank you for helping me. I’m pleased with the way things are working out. Thank you!” —Joe

“Thank you so much for everything.  My mom is actually getting adjusted.  Hopefully we will be able to get my dad well enough for Assisted Living.” —Carol & Family

“Your staff was delightful…the movers were very nice too.  Thanks for making everything happen so quickly.” —Mary Lou (niece of senior)

“Thanks again for all you’ve done for us!” – Marsha

“Just calling to say thank you and to compliment you on how well your whole process worked and how wonderful your workers were.  It really went smoothly so we appreciate all your help with the move and your referral to the movers, they were great.  Thanks so much and it’s a wonderful service you provide.” – Carla

“My daughter, Janie, and I really appreciate the wonderful and efficient job your packers did. They were amazing with the speed with which they worked. Thank you again.” – Janice

“Just a note to thank you for such a super job you all did in our packing. I would recommend your work and wonderful personality to everyone.” – Shirley

“All went well with my move – your gals were wonderful! Most helpful! I thank you and your staff for guiding me and successfully getting me through a difficult situation. You are the best!” – Renee

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