Our Services

Senior couple in front of houseByron Home provides experienced, personalized service to seniors planning to downsize. We can make the move less stressful for seniors and their families.

Select from our practical, hands-on services including:

  • a free initial consultation
  • developing a customized plan and timetable for the move
  • space planning to determine what can fit in your new home
  • sorting through closets, drawers, attics and basements
  • arranging for shipments to family members
  • arranging for and coordinating with the movers
  • careful packing and labeling of contents making the move
  • unpacking and setting up in the new home (including arranging items as similarly as possible to the way you’re familiar with, making beds, plugging in lamps and removing all packing materials)
  • move-in ready cleaning services to help get your old home ready for settlement or new home ready for your move

We can also help prepare the home for sale to yield the best price, including:

  • referral to a local realtor
  • recommending and coordinating the fix-ups worth making
  • cleaning, de-cluttering
  • clean-out for the final walk-through after the sale

We will work with you to provide whatever level of help the family needs.