“To anyone considering Byron Home, or seeking assistance with a senior move…They are wonderful.  Hyperbole escapes me.  Not just with the strategy, tactics, and logistics of the move, but more importantly, with the psychology so important when assisting those needing assistance after a lifetime of independence.  As a child of a senior they moved, I could not have hoped for better service and follow up.” Dr. Stephen S.

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service you guys provided. The move, for both of my parents, could not have been more smoothly orchestrated. Your staff was not only fantastic at organizing the packing/unpacking, but I found them comforting and soothing for myself and my mother. The movers were very professional and accommodating to any changes that my mother made. They were quick and polite. Getting everything out of the house made my mother realize that the move was really going to be okay. The floor plans worked out beautifully. My father’s room looked like a studio apartment instead of just a place to sleep. It will make visiting him all that much more comfortable for everyone. When my mother and I walked into her apartment for the first time on Friday, we both gasped at how wonderful it looked. I actually think the furniture looks better here than in her old house! She had felt like she was just going to have to be satisfied with living in a small apartment, but when she saw how homey her apartment looked, she was very relieved.” – Ellen

“Byron Home is the best moving company! My father’s dementia recently worsened and I had to move my father from an independent living unit to an assisted living unit and they made it so easy for me. Jared was very professional and completely mapped out the new unit floor plan with measurements. He then helped me decide which furniture we could take with us and how best it would fit in the room. He was incredibly patient with me when I was indecisive about what to take with and was very thoughtful in helping me decide what would be best for my dad. When I had a last minute change and called the night before the move to change the move time, his staff helped me at 8 pm to adjust the whole schedule. And the day of the move was so smooth. His team was totally prepared and helped me pack up and move everything we needed quickly and efficiently. And the apartment was totally clean by the end of it. This was a stressful and sad time for me and Jared and Byron Home made it all so much easier. They are the best!” – Ashely

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about everyone at Byron Home and the moving company as well, who made this event as pleasurable as possible. Everything from the initial visit to the deliberate floor layout with your Space Planner and packing and unpacking with the Team Leader and the other ladies was so very professional, thoughtful and helpful. I have been telling all of my friends with elderly parents about how it was like hiring magical fairies! The movers were extremely considerate, personable and again, professional. The ladies waiting at Applewood who stepped in at the last moment were just fantastic. I cannot tell you how much easier your team made this move for my family, but especially, my mom. The fact that she went to bed at Applewood the day of her move, with her bed made and her room set up as she had it at home, was just so comforting for her and made her feel secure and happy. Just amazing work, we truly appreciate it all! Please let everyone know how great they were! The move day was a bit hectic, so I may not have had the chance to thank everyone personally. My mom is very happy at Applewood and her place looks great. Thanks again!- Barbara

“I wanted to let you what a positive experience I had yesterday with the entire team. The packers were outstanding. They were kind and considerate of the work they were doing. You could also see the care that they were taking with each item as if it belonged to one of their family members.  They were all wonderful and I appreciated their work very much. The movers were also outstanding. They packed things in such a careful way. They ensured each piece was being handled as if my Mother was standing there watching them.  I know the move to Exton, PA was much farther than they usually go so the extra time that they spent on the road to make my next steps easier is appreciated more than I can express. A little over 6 years ago, your company moved from my Mother from her house into the Evergreens. She was interviewed by Sally Freidman of the Burlington County Times for the work that your team did to help with her move. I had a very positive experience with your company then and again this month.  I cannot praise your company enough for the work that you do to help those of us who need it the most. Please thank all your team members as well as the office staff who helped me with this process.” – Nancy

“The women who helped my parents were terrific. The Team Leader was as cool as a cucumber and took so much of the stress off of my shoulders; and when I was ready to collapse in a heap, kept me going . They made a delightful team and I did think, as I always had, that if I could not have been here, Byron Home would have made the move run as smoothly as it did without me. The girls were so sweet to my parents, and sympathetic to my dad’s dementia, helping to ensure he settled.  Mother is already passing out your cards…they really did go the extra mile in every possible way. We send our thanks to you and your mother for creating such a special company, and recruiting the perfect ladies who made this move a pretty painless one. We’ll be in touch if there is a further downsizing at Brightview!” – Wendy

“I moved my parents into the house this evening. After examining drawers, cabinets and closets; the tasteful arrangements of furniture and scores of countless household items, I am overwhelmed by the professional service Byron Home provided. Your team is amazing, and I would like you to personally thank every one of them. They took 89 boxes, a substantial amount of furniture, accessories, and every item down to a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon, and turned large, empty rooms into a beautiful, comfortable home for my elderly parents. To your customers I would say, “Look no further.” – Bruce

“Your wonderful work with my parents…during their move last month had a tremendous impact on reducing stress and transitioning smoothly to their new home. Your depth of knowledge of the needs of seniors, combined with vast experience, expertise and compassion were all evident in the work of the team. The advance preparation – identifying my parents’ needs and special requests, along with the creation of the floor plan and photos, were brilliantly thought out and implemented to make their new apartment feel like home immediately. Each member of the team was genuinely kind and sensitive toward my parents, doing everything they possibly could to ease their anxiety and set up their new home safely and comfortably…Many thanks for your professionalism, high standards and kindness.” – Mary

“Donna and her staff at Byron Home helped me move my Mother and her ‘worldly goods’ from an apartment to a Senior Citizen Independent Living condominium. She was very helpful in the planning stage, providing very good advice about what furniture would not fit in the new place, how to handle the move from a logistics standpoint, etc. She then followed up by bringing in a very industrious and delightful staff who packed all of Mom’s things in less than a day. They brought all of the supplies needed, completed their work, and left the apartment in a livable state for one more night. On moving day, Donna cleaned up the “overnight” items, coordinated everything with the movers and was on-site at the new location when the movers arrived. She and her team used pictures of the new layout, pictures of the “knicknacks,” and a lot of hard work to complete the task in under 5 hours. When Mom came back from an extended lunch date, she was amazed to see her furniture, cherished items, and clothes – all in place. This amazing woman was able to provide a service that included relocation – but much more important – peace of mind. I recommend her to anyone who want to move but is overwhelmed with the thought of the enormous number of things that have be done!” – Susan Handman, Experienced Consultant in CRM, Survey Processing, and Project Management

“I have been hearing about the wonders of Byron Home for years from many of my friends who have elderly parents who need to downsize and move to a different type of supervised living situation. To experience the assistance with transitioning my father from his home in Holiday Village to his new apartment in Lions Gate Assisted Living exceeded all expectations! The staff was amazing as they not only packed essential belongings but offered helpful advice about possessions we had overlooked. They reviewed the proposed floor plan with me and suggested adjustments that made sense and aided my father’s mobility in his new environment. And it was truly miraculous to open the door of my father’s new apartment to find his furniture and possessions arranged in a way that replicated his previous home but were adjusted to make life easier for him. Their knowledge of the Lions Gate residential environment informed all their decisions which was a blessing! The staff not only accomplished the tasks needed for this move, but provided an enormous amount of support, guidance, understanding and compassion to this very emotional  and frazzled adult child! Moving an elderly parent to an assisted living facility is never a happy day, but with the professionalism and sensitivity this task was done in the very best way. Please convey my most sincere gratitude to your staff for everything they did for me and my Dad!” – Sharon

“I would just like to take a minute and thank you for your services.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Collingswood Manor recommended your company and I can’t thank them enough for that. Thanks so much for taking a few hours out of your weekend to meet with us to go over the services your company provides. It was asking a lot to meet on the weekend, but that’s the only time I could make it and not have my Mom feel overwhelmed or feel she didn’t ask enough questions. The floor plan was just great and thanks for taking the time to go over it with my Mom.  She really was impressed with the amount of her own furniture that she would be able to have in her new apartment, but keeping her safety in mind as well as looking nice. The Moving Assistants were “angels from heaven” as my Mom put it.  They showed up promptly at 9:00 AM and introduced themselves. They got right to work but included my Mom and I in what they did.  After about 4 hours, they had accomplished so much it was hard to believe. Boxes were neatly packed and moved out of the way for the movers to take the next day.  Attention to detail was evident as well, I think lining the box with a trash bag was a genius idea (I borrowed that idea the next day when I packed liquids). Moving day was a breeze from my viewpoint. The movers came and got the boxes and when we got to Collingswood Manor and opened the door to the apartment, Mom was very happy. It looked like home. Moving for a senior can be very rough, but your company made it a very smooth transition from old home to new. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who has an apprehensive senior that needs to move. From beginning to end, it was a pleasure to work with you. P.S.  I would just like to mention that your team went above and beyond their job to help me locate an item we thought was missing just as they had finished for the day.  Let’s just say the story involves some diving and they can fill you in. Thanks ladies for seeing your job through to the end and beyond!!!!” – Jean & Bonnie

“My mother moved to the Methodist Home in Collingswood on Friday. The move was well planned and went very smoothly. What really impressed me was the kindness of the staff toward my mother. Everyone recognized how confused my mother was, but each in their own way were kind and patient. I would like to express my admiration to Donna; she started a niche business for helping the senior citizen that needs to downsize their living arrangements when the percentage of aged adults is on the increase in our country… clever lady. You all have my best wishes for continuing success.” – Lisa

“Your people are fantastic!!! Every service which they provided for my Mother’s move was great!!  I was totally pleased with the Space Planner and her help in the apartment furniture layout. And beyond words, the Team Leader and his crew were just outstanding. They were practical and willing to go above and beyond to help. Also the cleanout worked out very well!! Thank you for all of your help and for their work with us.” – Leslie

“I cannot thank you enough for the excellent job your company did with my mom’s move. Your Team Leader and her team were amazing. They were professional, efficient, conscientious and caring. They made a very stressful day as easy as it could have been. I can’t imagine what this move would have been without your amazing staff. I will not hesitate to recommend your company. Thank you again for a job well done!” – Debbie

“I have a lot of experience with packing & moving, however I have never had anyone pack for me. Watching the team was fascinating, they were efficient and the Team Leader managed the day brilliantly. I learned a lot. Mum was bowled over by the efficiency of the crew. She could not believe how her pieces were transplanted with everything in place. Looking around she exclaimed, “Beyond belief!” All the furniture fit perfectly, your formula works beautifully.” – Suzi

“I’m writing to let you know how happy we all were with the work that your team did for our mother. They were consummate professionals. Courteous, thorough, respectful, careful. They made the process much easier for my mother. They answered every one of her concerns and questions in a respectful and positive manner. We can’t say enough good things about them.” – Daniel

“Just wanted to thank you and your company for your services.  As you promised, all went well regarding all aspects of the move. From the designer’s plans, to the Team Leader and her packing crew, to the moving men, all were kind, caring and most professional at their job.  All told, everyone put my folks at ease and made this life changing event as easy as possible for them. Please thank everyone again for their help and patience as we transitioned through this difficult time.” – Barbara

“Your Team Leader was excellent and wonderful to work with, thoughtful and organized. She was careful with my cousin when they sorted, and Margie really like her. When sorting was done, she could really move fast on the rest. She also empathized with me about the situation I was in there, and that helped me. Thank her for that. It was a good experience for my cousin and me both.” – Marie

“The move yesterday went extremely well! Your team did an excellent job. The Team Leader in particular was very helpful, innovative and especially patient! They really have the demeanor for this type of work. Everything was accomplished, and they really did give me peace of mind throughout the process. Thank you for accommodating me and scheduling the move on short notice! Well done!” – Shelley

“Thank you, it’s been such a pleasure working with you and everyone at Byron Home! You and your staff have made things super easy for me and my family, especially since we do not live in the immediate area. I will definitely recommend Byron Home to others. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to your team.” – Ellen

“We were so pleased with your services. You, the Team Leader and the crew and the movers were truly wonderful. You all made the transition seamless. We can’t thank you all enough for your warmth kindness and hard work. Your company and the services you provided were beyond perfect! Thank you all for a job well done!” – Vicki

“Your company made everything so easy and it was unbelievable that by 4 pm yesterday you could hardly tell that we were in a different apartment. The attention to detail was outstanding…my parents were so surprised when they walked back to the bedroom to see all the clocks plugged in and the time adjusted to the correct time.” – Diane

“I want to thank you and your team for your help with my Mom’s move.  You were very helpful and I would like to specifically highlight the work of the Team Leader. She came in Friday and was a tremendous help.  I showed her what I needed to be done and she did that and more.  She was able to give many helpful suggestions and really helped me to get ready for the move.  On the move day, she helped me coordinate the move on both ends.  During her time on site, she was a tremendous help and made my job much easier. Kathy exceeded all expectations and was a tremendous help to me and my family.” – Jim

“Just a quick note of thanks to you, and your entire staff. In addition, a big thanks to the movers. Everyone, EVERYONE, was exceptionally professional, kind, respectful and efficient. My sister was so impressed…and she has moved quite a few times, so that is not faint praise. Please extend our thanks to everyone and we would certainly suggest your company to everyone!!” – Susan

“Sending our heartfelt thanks for a job well done and for the incredible organization, effort and teamwork before, during and after the move for our mom today… we can’t begin to express our appreciation and happiness with every aspect of it.  Please thank the team and the movers for us, it was as good as it gets.” – Joan, Anne & Beth

“The whole move went smoothly and we could not of done it without the Team Leader and her crew. They were patient, professional and incredible kind. The 3 of the nicest people we have ever met.” – Beth

“Can’t begin to tell you how fabulous your team was with my sister’s move. I could go on and on but I won’t. Simply wonderful people that do a fantastic job.” – Anne

“Thank you so much for making this move so much less stressful than expected. Your team did a fantastic job organizing things and keeping my mom calm. My husband was there for the move and was very impressed by your team’s professionalism. The movers also did a great job and the secondary delivery to my home went well. All in all a successful move.” – Cathy

“All went perfect with the move.  Thank you so much.  Great job between the packers and the movers.  Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. ” – John

“All went beautifully well yesterday. Your staff was a pleasure to have working in my mother’s home. Incredibly professional, kind, and careful with an enormous attention to detail. Loved how they worked so well together. Great team.” – Renee

“Never got a chance to thank-you for a job so well done. My mom is appreciating how nice it is and how amazing how everything fit in. Your team was as professional and kind as you were, again thank you! If my husband and I ever have to move I hope I will have the pleasure of using you and your services. Again thank you for a job done in a very classy way! Not just words, you really made a difficult move as easy as it could be on both ends.” – Donna

“I can’t begin to tell you how easy your lovely women made my mother’s move…Not only were they efficient, but they were so lovely to work with. I tried my best to consolidate everything, but to pack it up would have been overwhelming for me. They did it all! And with smiles on their faces…and made my life a lot less stressful.” – Marlene

“Thank you for the overall professional job. I know your team made the move much easier for my parents, and Pat and I were both very impressed with your service throughout the pre-move transition as well as the move itself. One especially notable item was the expertise of your staff getting things rapidly organized on the receiving end…the closets, kitchen areas, etc. Otherwise I could envision boxes sitting around for days (or longer) after a move, awaiting unpacking. With your team and approach, my parents were effectively “done and settled in” on the move day itself. Truly amazing.” – Tim

“Thank you for your kindness and help during those difficult months before and after my mother’s death. I can’t even imagine how I could ever have accomplished the move…without you and your group of people! I was so overwhelmed with my mother’s illness that I could never have handled the packing and all the details myself. My mother was so apprehensive about moving, but when I saw the smile on her face as she saw the apartment all furnished and beautifully arranged, I knew all the effort was worth it! I hadn’t realized how much I need the emotional support you gave me.” – Kathie

“I want to thank you again for all the help in moving my mother-in-law to Monroe Village. It seemed like an impossible task, but while it had its moments, we got through it without any significant problems. Much of that was thanks to you and the rest of your team. The floor plan was a major help in the beginning as it let us understand what furniture she could and couldn’t bring. The sorting system and colored tags were also helpful. What really got us through was your staff’s calm advice, straightforward approach and perseverance. The Team Leader and her crew were great! We can’t thank you enough for the help.” – Ken

“Thank you so much for the amazing services you provide! You surely ease the stress of a normally stressful event. I can’t imagine how we would have fared without Byron Home. The crew was amazingly efficient and treated Mom, my sister and I with the sweet care they took of Mom’s belongings. Their coordination with the Movers also made our transition smooth. Looking forward to Mom enjoying the beautiful home your fabulous team assembled!” – Amy

“Thank you for helping my parents make the transition to Meadow Lakes.  The move went very smoothly and we all can’t believe the great shape the place is in after just one day.   The ladies you sent to pack/unpack for us were tremendous!  They were incredibly hardworking, kind and patient with us and genuinely cared that everything was situated so that my parents would be able to manage and be happy in their new home.  We had a wonderful team leader.    The movers were great as well.    Thanks again, I don’t know how we could have done it without you and your team.” – Sue

“A huge thank you for the amazing service from your team who helped move my mom to Masonic Village last weekend. Both women were so patient, kind, helpful, and most importantly — far more organized than me and my sisters! We couldn’t have done the move without their help.” – Amy

“Thank you for an easy transition into the Evergreens. Your team you sent to us did excellent work. The apartment looked terrific when they finished their final touch. We were so pleased. I so appreciate everything!” – Carol

“Thanks to you and your team the move went very smoothly. We appreciate the care and support. Byron Home is amazing and I would recommend their service with 5 shining stars.” – Joanne

“We were all so pleased with the work done by your company and can’t say enough about your staff. They were so caring and so good at their jobs.” – Linda

“I really appreciate that you were able to do the job on such short notice. Your team got rave reviews from the Pitman Manor staff–they said they did a fantastic job!” – Nancy

“Just a quick email to say thanks a lot for the smooth move. It was quite a transition for my parents so I was glad the move was easy. Your packing and moving crew were friendly and professional.” – Chris

“Anytime I hear of someone about to move their parents I recommend your service.” – Evelyn

“Thanks again for your help with Mom’s move. It was such a help to have you sketch out where furniture might go – and to realize we could keep more than we initially planned. Plus recommending the movers, the storage company, plus buyout/cleanout service. When I spoke to you a few weeks ago, it was hard to picture but with your help – we did it! Thanks again for such a valuable service.” – Nancy

“Thanks again for everything you did to help with my mother’s move. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.” – Claire

“Thank you for the job you and your staff did for Tim’s Mom and Dad! We can’t begin to tell you how helpful you all were during this ‘moving ordeal’!” – Pat

“Thank you for your exemplary service. As usual, your staff was very professional and sensitive to our needs in clearing out my Mom’s apartment.” – David

“Just a note of sincere thanks for moving my father. Your work is exceptional and the ‘personal attention to detail’ made us very happy.” – Gene

“Once again, you guys are just the best. You do a phenomenal job. I’m telling everyone over at Knollwood how they should definitely use Byron Home, because you were terrific. You really became like friends of us, which was terrific.” – Janice

“Thank you so much for a wonderfully easy move! We really appreciated your hardworking and friendly staff. They helped my mother-in-law so much, by talking to her calmly, understanding her nervousness, helping her unpack so that she knew where things are, and doing it all in a timely way. The staff was wonderful!” – Linda

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to come into my mother’s new home and see it all set up and ready. It was good for her and a tremendous relief for me and my sister. Thank you for the care you took in facilitating this otherwise difficult move. You truly helped lighten the burden.” – Sue

“Our deepest gratitude to you and your staff for your gracious help and support to us during a difficult time.” – Bette & Charles

“My Mom is doing well where she is.  It was a great move for her.  Your staff from packers to movers were fantastic. “ – Wendy

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